Miniature Collectors of Australia: MAD Extravaganza ~ June 7-8 2020 

WELCOME to our MAD Extravaganza Feature Pages!

Watch this space!

We will be showcasing the unusual, unique many special pieces 

that we hope will delight & spark the imagination!

 Furniture / Decor, Leisure / Bed, Bath & Baby / Kitchen, Laundry, Pets, Shed

& Outdoors / Floor, Wall, Ceiling & Windows / Other Scales.  


 lmported, Local, Hand Made & Artisan pieces ... !  

 NB: Australian Sales only. ~ We do NOT ship overseas! 

 How To Enjoy Your Visit: 

  •  View:  Click on chosen MAD Fair Page, then on each item of interest to see price etc.

    • ALL items are 1/12 scale unless otherwise stated​!

  •  Buy:  Email info as soon as you want an item* (via Contact Page) & we'll reserve it for you. 

    • Email as many times as you need. *We only have 1 of many of the featured items & we don't want you to miss out!

  •  Enquire:  Email any questions & l'll reply ASAP.

  •  Pay: Let me know when you've finished shopping & I'll send a PayPal Invoice, including postage (Aust. Post). Email for alternative payment options if necessary. 

    • I can keep orders open, if you would like time to revisit us** spreading postage costs across more items.


**Please Browse around the rest of our site. There's lots more to see.

NB: Not all 2000 stock items are pictured on the site & only MAD Fair & 1/24 items are priced.


So please Email for any other prices & "You don't happen to have ....?"  questions.

We don't think you will be disappointed with our response!

  Price range: 50c - $60  

Thank You for Visiting Us & Please Come Back Soon!

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